Albacora Industrial started its activities in 2004, with the manufacture of trench shields for ditches, as well as the manufacture and customization of offshore units, such as containers, metal boxes, baskets, centralizers for O&G and other parts.

With a multidisciplinary team together with a good production capacity, Albacora is qualified to support from small projects to large structures. Has experience both in sales and rental of equipment, with control and management of rented trench shields and containers.

All of that is combined to offer security and quality to their customers, targeting optimized solutions and a safe environment.

It is located in Campo Grande, RJ, just a few meters from Avenida Brasil, which is one of the main routes in and out of Rio, based in a 3600 square meter facility.

Albacora has implemented several social inclusion projects, promoting culture, sports and social institutions. It is also committed to the natural environment.

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